Master Beanie

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The Ultimate Boot Master



Master Beanie is in his tall Army Boots for you to worship. He first chugs a beer and crushes the empty can right in front of your face. He then forces you to kiss and lick his dirty boots. Licking the sole and getting all the shit out of the groves. He then stands on the table so you can continue licking his dirty boots. Whilst you're doing that he relaxes on the couch with another beer and stands on the coffee table to crush another empty beer can. After a while of licking his boots he starts taking them off so you can smell and suck on his sweaty red toed socks. He even rips a fart for you to sniff! Master Beanie doesn't give a shit. Finally he stands on the coffee table with his rank and sweaty socks for you to bury your face in. Lots of verbal and hot boot worship here.