Master Beanie

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The Ultimate Boot Master



Master Beanie has you face down on his floor as he enters in his steel toe capped Dr Marten boots. He forces you to kiss them and lick the soles. He takes you over to his favourite place; the couch where you wait at the end of the coffee table for those soles to be shoved in your face. He stands on the coffee table for you to like the shit off his boots and worship them. He sits on the couch and slams his boots down on the coffee table for you to admire and drool over. As you continue to lick he relaxes and drinks a beer. Then he starts to take his boots off one at a time to reveal his sweaty, stinky Calvin Klein socks. He's worn them for three days at the gym, at work and even in bed whilst he sleeps, they stink so bad. He shoves them in your face for you to smell and suck on. Again he stands on the table so can worship them thoroughly. Throughout Master Beanie talks down to you with loads of verbal for you filthy boot slaves out there. TRAILER AVAILABLE