Master Beanie

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The Ultimate Boot Master



Master Beanie is wearing his wheat coloured Timberland Boots for to worship. He stands on the coffee table for you to start licking and kissing them. He shoves his soles right in your face to get your tongue in those groves. He picks up a beer, sits on the couch and puts his boots up on the coffee table for you to throughly worship. He starts to take his boots off one at a time to reveal his stinky, rank, white sweaty socks. He forces you to put your face in his socks and smell the 3 day old sweat whilst sucking, kissing and licking them. He then has a special treat for you, he lifts his leg and rips a loud fart for you to inhale and sniff before your face is needed for his socks again. Which smells the worst? You continue to worship and kiss his manly, dominant, straight size 10s, you filthy slave!