Master Beanie

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The Ultimate Boot Master



Master Beanie is at a slave's house. he's been waited upon and worshipped all weekend and he's got a treat for you. He's wearing his dark timberland boots for you to lick. He shoves them in your face so you can get your tongue in all the grooves. He tramples slave's bed and wipes the dirt into the duvet. Then he takes off his boots to reveal his rank and sweaty grey socks. You are forced to smell them and breathe in the stench of his straight, alpha, size 10 feet. He also shoves your face down his boot to smell. Then re removes his socks slowly so you can smell and lick his barefeet; they don't just smell but are caked in toe jam and dirt for your tongue to clean. He rips a deep belch for you too and blows it into your face. Then he starts to unbutton his jeans, takes off his vest and let's you lick his arm ipts. He burps again, stands over you and starts to wank in his boxers. What happens next? Buy the clip to find out.