Master Beanie

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The Ultimate Boot Master



Master Beanie is wearing his special stripy Ben Sherman socks in his Topman military style boots. He starts on the coffee table for you to lick and worship them. He pushes his soles into your face to lick those filthy boot soles. He relaxes on the couch and puts his boots on the table for you to continue worshipping. After you have throughly licked his boots clean he takes his big sweaty boots off one at a time to reveal his sweaty stripy Ben Sherman socks. They reak and have been on those straight size 10s for 3 days. Soaking up the sweat from the gym, office and even in bed they are there to shove your face in and Master Beanie gives no mercy and zero fucks. These actual socks are available to purchase off his website. They are available in blue as seen here but also in yellow and red.